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Artistic Swimming

Artistic swimming blends athleticism and creativity, emphasizing grace, innovation, and teamwork. Our clubs actively support this sport, ensuring an inclusive environment and recognizing the talent and creativity of their members.

Competition Sport


Diving demands precision, courage, and aerial skill, pushing athletes to break limits and build confidence. Our clubs focus on developing talent, personal growth, and fostering an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates and propels diving.

Competition Sport

Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is for everyone, building resilience, environmental awareness, and community. Our clubs lead in inclusivity, offering diverse athletic experiences and fostering acceptance.

Competition Sport


Since 1987, our swimming foundation champions inclusivity, uniting diverse swimmers globally. Our events and clubs are committed to diversity and unity, making sure every swimmer is valued and respected in every competition.

Competition Sport

Water Polo

Since 1988, our members are committed to inclusivity and competition in the sport of water polo, connecting athletes globally. Introducing a women's league in our annual competition tackles gender imbalances and strengthens our dedication to diversity, unity, and fair play across all leagues.

Competition Sport

Pink Flamingo

In the Pink Flamingo, joy merges with inclusivity in drag, aqua follies, and artistic swim shows. Dazzling costumes and themed routines celebrate community and fun, inviting all to a unique, must-see water spectacle. It's a testament to creativity and unity.

IGLA+ Exclusive Sport

Inner Tube Polo

Some members offer inner tube polo, a fun, easy version of water polo that doesn't require great swimming skills. Players float on tubes, focusing on teamwork and enjoyment in this safe, engaging water game. It showcases our dedication to inclusive, community-focused sports for everyone.



Some members offer surfing to everyone, no experience needed. Participants of all backgrounds learn to balance and connect with the ocean in this empowering activity. We are committed to inclusion, ensuring everyone can experience the thrill of riding waves.

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