IGLA 2015 Water Polo Tournament at Eurogames Stockholm

2015-08-07 Water Polo

Competitive Group 1 Standings after Day 1

1 – Atlanta Rainbow Trout

2 – London Orca A

3 – BGS Mannekenfish

4 – Washington Wetskins


Matches for Competitive Group 1

London Orca A – Atlanta Rainbow Trout (5-7)

Washington Wetskins – BGS Mannekenfish (3-5)
London Orca A – Washington Wetskins (9-1)

Atlanta Rainbow Trout – BGS Mannekenfish (7-7)

London Orca A – BGS Mannekenfish (9-7)

Atlanta Rainbow Trout – Washington Wetskins (13-3)


Competitive Group 2 Standings after Day 1

1 – TNYA

2 – Toronto Triggerfish

3 – Sydney Stingers

4 – London Orcas B


Matches for Competitive Group 2

London Orca B – TNYA (1-11)

Toronto Triggerfish – Sydney Stingers (5-2)

London Orca B – Toronto Triggerfish (3-5)

Sydney Stingers – TNYA  (2-10)

London Orca B – Sydney Stingers (4-4)

TNYA – Toronto Triggerfish (12-1)


2015-08-07 Water Polo

Saturday Matches

Match  Time     Team

5            08:45    Atlanta Rainbow Trout – London Orcas B

6            08:45    BGS Mannekenfish  – Toronto Triggerfish

7            09:30    London Orca A  – Sydney Stingers

8            09:30    Washington Wetskins  – TNYA

13          12:00    L5 v L6

14          12:00    L7 v L8

15          12:45    W5 v W6

16          12:45    W7 vs W8

21          15:15    W13 vs W14 (5th)

22          15:15    L13 vs L14 (7th)

23          16:00    W15 vs W16 (Gold)

24          16:00    L15 vs L16 (Bonze)

2015 IGLA Annual Meeting


The IGLA AGM will be held in the large conference room at Eriksdalsbadet. Upon entering the pool complex, go up the stairs directly in front of and turn to the right. Walk behind the spectator stands past the diving / warm up pool all the way to the end and the conference room will be on your right.

*** Update***

The meeting time has been updated.  The coach’s meeting will begin 30 minutes after the end of swimming competition on Wednesday.  The annual meeting will begin immediately following the coach’s meeting.

***Swimming Schedule Update***
Working with Eurogames and the meet officials to overcome last minute and unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we came up with the best compromise we could to avoid scratching swimmers from events.  We realize the timing of the announcement is not ideal but as we worked towards a workable solution we have agreed upon the following.
The 400, 800, and 1500 free will be swum two to a lane.  The 800 free will be moved from Friday to the Thursday afternoon session.  Swimmers who have registered for both the 800 and 1500 free will need to select one of the two.  We understand this is not ideal.  Warm up on Thursday and Friday will start at 7:30 am, with the meet start time at 8 am.  The SCM pool will be open for warm up/warm down for the duration of the meet.
Relay entries are to be entered an hour prior to the start of the competition on the day they are held.  Relay cards have been previously sent out and will also be available at the pool.
Thank you for your understanding. Additional information will be provided at the IGLA annual meeting.


The 2015 IGLA Annual Meeting has been set for August 5, 2015 at the Eriksdalsbadet swimming center. The Annual Meeting will take place after the first day of swimming on competition on August 5th at 3:00 PM local time.


  1. Call to order, confirmation of notice and quorum
  2. Approval of 2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes from AGM held in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday, August 10, 2014.
  3. Activity Reports of Officers for 2014-2015
    • Co-President – Robert Ryan and Damian Strogen
    • Co-Chairs –  Kristopher Pritchard and Elisabeth Turnbull-Brown
    • Treasurer – Shane Ewen
    • Secretary – Brian Stearns
    • FGG Representatives – Judy Stephens and Ken Heard
    • Webmaster – Jason Stone
  4. 2016 IGLA Championships in Edmonton Update
  5. Presentations from the bidders for the IGLA Championships 2017
    • World OutGames Miami
  6. Election of Board Members
    • Two Co-Chairs: Two-year terms, the first year as Co-Chairs, the second year as Co-Presidents. The current Co-Chairs, Kristopher Pritchard and Elisabeth Turnbull-Brown, become the Co-Presidents at the end of the meeting.
    • Treasurer: Two-year term. Shane Ewen is the outgoing Treasurer and his term expires at the end of the meeting.
    • Webmaster: Two-year term. Jason Stone is the outgoing Webmaster and his term expires at the end of the meeting.
  7. Other Business
    • One World Event – GLISA FGG Proposal
    • Committee Meetings
  8. Adjournment

Please contact the IGLA Co-Presidents Bobby Ryan and Damien Strogen with comments or questions.

IGLA Team Requirement for EuroGames Stockholm


IGLA Team membership is required for athletes from IGLA Teams to compete at EuroGames Stockholm and IGLA Championships this August.  These teams have renewed their memberships:2015IGLATeams

Has yours? Renew here.

EuroGames/2015 IGLA Championships Swimming Schedule

Stockholm_Swimming Schedule

The swimming schedule has been set for EuroGames Stockholm/2015 IGLA Championships. Swimming competition will take place over three days beginning on Wednesday August 5.  There will be two sessions on Thursday to accommodate the 1500m freestyle race.

It is anticipated that Pink Flamingo will take place Friday evening.

Paris Aquatique Aquatic Camps



Paris Aquatique is opening its Aquatic camps to other IGLA clubs member this year. Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving and Water Polo.

 It will take place at Canary Islands (Spain) during the Gay Pride 8-15 May 2015.

For the newbies, this practice has been organized for more than 10 years every year gathering all sports sections of Paris Aquatique, girls, boys, newbies and oldies around Physical Preparation and in-pool training with a major dose of fun at the beach, bungalows pools and evening themed cocktail parties!For the past years, we have been delighted to receive Madrid Halegatos and Barcelona Panteres Grogues swimmers and Synchro swimmers and would be more than happy to extend the invitation to other cities.

You may also have the possibility to visit the island: the old Las Palmas town or even the mysterious Catacombs of Yumbo.

PA_camp_physical_prep Physical PreparationThe day will start with a one-hour physical preparation focused on endurance, muscular strengthening and stretching.
PA_camp_swimming Swimming (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced)In-pool training: 10 hours training on 5 days 4 lanes of 50m have been reserved in order to practice under ideal conditions.

9h-10h Physical Prep
11h-13h In-pool training


 PA_camp_swimming Synchronized Swimming (Intermediate and Advanced)In-pool training: 10 hours training on 5 days 4 lanes of 50m have been reserved in order to practice under ideal conditions.

9h-10h Physical Prep
11h-13h In-pool training

PA_camp_diving Diving (Intermediate and Advanced)In-pool training : 10 hours training on 5 days, one diving pit with 1m and 3m springboards as well as, 3m, 5m and 10m platforms has been planned.

9h-10h Physical Prep
11h-13h In-pool training

 PA_camp_waterpolo Water Polo (Intermediate and Advanced)In-pool training : 10 hours practice during 5 days, an outdoor 50 meters pool of the mythical CN LAS PALMAS sports club have been planned in order to practice under ideal conditions and matches with local teams will also be planned.

9h-10h Physical Prep
10h-12h In-pool training

 PA_video_support  Video SupportSwimming and Synchro practice will be filmed in order to be analyzed later during the day to improve your style.Water polo practice will be video recorded in order to be analyzed or professional match may be watched later during the day at the Bungalows with a beer or two.
Accommodation will be in bungalows. Single, double or even triple beds may be booked. Please refer to the price at the end of the leaflet. Please note that each bungalow has a double bedroom and convertible sofa bed in the living room.A welcome dinner on Saturday 9 May at approximately 20h00 is included in the price so that you may acquaint yourselves with each other, followed by a tour at Yumbo to be welcomed by the local fauna.

Transportation between your city departure and Las Palmas airport is not included in our price, allowing you the freedom to choose your best means of transport For your Information the airport arrival IATA code is LPA standing for Las Palmas de Gran Canarias – and not Palma de Majorque in Balearic Islands.

Camp Brochure and Registration Form