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IGLA WetNotes

August 13-18, 2013

VIVA5 – Vienna Valentine 2013

Team Kraulquappen
Vienna, Austria
February 15-17, 2013
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Registration Deadline:
January 28, 2013

QUAC's Ski-n-Swim 2013

Salt Lake City, UT
February 15-17, 2013 Registration Deadline:
February 13, 2013
On Deck Registration Available - But it will be EARLY!

EBSC 2013 Swim Classic ‘Love to Swim!’

English Bay Swim Club
Vancouver, BC
February 24, 2013
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Registration Deadline:
February 17, 2013

GLLAM Swimming Competition

Out to Swim
London, United Kingdom
March 16, 2013
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Registration Deadline:
March 1, 2013

TNYA Swim and Dive Camp

Team New York Aquatics
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
March 31 to April 6, 2013

IGLA 2013 Registration

By IGLA 2013

Registration for the 2013 IGLA Championships will be opening on Januray 12, 2013! Registration kicks off with a registration party at The Lobby Bar starting at 9:00 PM, PST. The fee breakdown for IGLA 2013 is:

Early Bird Registration $150.00 For the first 50 participants fly enough to register. Begins January 12, 2013.
Early Registration $165.00 January 12 - February 28, 2013
Regular Registration $180.00 March 1 - May 31, 2013
Late Registration $210.00 June 1 - July 20, 2013

Registration fee includes first sport and transportation. Additional sports are $20.00 per sport with the exception of the 2013 IGLA Championship Open Water Swim for which the fee is $45.00.

IGLA 2013 will provide shuttles to and from the Downtown Seattle Area to the Weyhasuer King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way for IGLA 2013 Participants. Spectators can purchase a transporation pass for $40.00.

There a number of Host Hotel options for IGLA Participants. These include hotels in Downtown Seattle, close to Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, and a couple of hotels in Federal Way, close to the Aquatics Center.

We are looking forward to an incredible competition, an amazing IGLA Follies Pink Flamingo, an unforgetable Pink Carpet prior to the 2013 IGLA Awards Banquet, and a Women's Burlesque Party.

We are looking forward to a great event and hope that everyone can come - It Get's Wetter!

Upcoming IGLA Team Events


IGLA Teams are holding some awesome events in 2013. The IGLA Team meets and events are posted on the website. You can review upcoming events and deadlines by going to the calendar.

VIVA5 – Vienna Valentine 2013 Vienna, Austria Feb. 15-17, 2013
QUAC's Ski-n-Swim 2013 Salt Lake City, UT Feb. 15-17, 2013
EBSC 2013 Swim Classic ‘Love to Swim!’ Vancouver, BC Feb. 24, 2013
GLLAM Swimming Competition London, UK Mar. 16, 2013
TNYA Swim and Dive Camp Fort Lauderdale, FL Mar. 31- Apr. 6, 2013

If your team has an event coming up that isn't on the IGLA calendar, submit it by clicking here.

Call for Bids for the 2015 IGLA Championships


The IGLA Board is now soliciting interested teams to submit bids for the 2015 IGLA Championships. The Bidding process is outlined in the IGLA Championship Rules.

Any team intending to bid on the IGLA Championships, needs to file an “Intent to Bid” with the IGLA Board at least six weeks prior to the IGLA General Meeting. For this bid cycle that deadline is July 2, 2013.

The formal bid to the IGLA membership shall consist of two parts. The “bid packet” and the “bid presentation”. The bid packet will be in writing and should include:

  • Team experience and background;
  • Facilities;
  • Dates of competitions;
  • Proposed schedule of events;
  • Proposed social activities;
  • Local/ tourist attractions;
  • Gay and lesbian community history and support;
  • Letters from local authorities offering support;
  • Transportation information; and
  • Hosted housing information.

At the IGLA Annual Meeting in Seattle, each bidding city will have an opportunity to make a bid Presentation with a question and answer period. An open discussion among IGLA Team delegates follows and members of the bidding delegations remain in the room during the discussion.
They will not make comments unless there needs to be clarification of an issue.

At the completion of the discussion, a vote shall be taken by the IGLA membership to choose the site of the IGLA Championships. A majority vote must be established. If more than two cities are bidding and a majority is not established on the first vote, the city receiving the lowest number of votes will be eliminated and another vote will take place. This process shall continue until a
majority vote is established.

IGLA encourages all teams to consider putting in a Bid for the 2015 IGLA Championships. If you have any questions please contact the IGLA Board or the IGLA Championships Rules Committee.

IGLA Team Registration Renewal


By joining or renewing its IGLA membership, your team will receive voting privileges at the 2013 IGLA general meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA, up-to-date IGLA membership directories, and IGLA information via the Internet or e-mail.

If your team has a website, we will also include a link to it from the IGLA website.  Also included this year – we want to connect with your team via Facebook and Twitter.

Depending on the size of your team, up to four (4) representative names can be added to receive IGLA information. We strongly encourage you to submit email aliases (i.e. as opposed to individuals’ email addresses. Your actual IGLA delegates may change between the time you submit your registration and the actual meeting.

Membership Dues

Clubs may join according to their actual team size as specified in the table below or may opt to register as a smaller team with fewer organizational votes. However, the IGLA Board strongly encourages your team to register for a team size that corresponds with your actual team size.

Team Size

Representative Votes

Annual Dues

Individual Membership 0 US $15.00
Small (1-5) 1 US $30.00
Medium (6-24) 2 US $ 60.00
Large (25-49) 3 US $ 125.00
Very Large (50 or More) 4 US $ 250.00

We also encourage teams to register each discipline: swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. You will get extra votes and more recognition for each team.

Teams may join IGLA at any time during the year. IGLA’s fiscal year coincides with the calendar year, but dues are not prorated through the year.

Any interested individual, team member, or club representative is invited to the 2013 Annual IGLA meeting. However, only those clubs that have paid their dues for 2013 may vote at IGLA meetings.

This summer, Site Selection for IGLA 2015 will be held at the Annual Meeting in Seattle, tentatively planned for August 13, 2013 at 10:00 am. Registered IGLA Teams will vote on where the 2015 IGLA Championships will be held.

Click here to join or renew.

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