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International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics

Timeline Photos@minnesotaiceswimclub Team Minnesota Ice here at @melbourne2020 @igla.1987 championships! #goice .
#gayswimteam #mniceswimclub #swimming #igla #melbourne2020 #queerswimming #lgbtq #mastersswimming #usms #minnesotamastersswimming #gay #swimmeet

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Pink Flamingo

What is the Pink Flamingo?  Our friends and 2016 IGLA hosts Making Waves said it well:

The Pink Flamingo is about having fun.  The Pink Flamingo made its debut in IGLA at the 1989 IGLA championships in Vancouver, BC.

The Pink Flamingo came out of the closet and revealed itself as a full blown queer extravaganza. The best way to describe it now is a drag/aqua follies/synchro show in water. It has to be seen to be believed!  The name “Pink Flamingo” is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a service mark belonging to IGLA and its member teams.