International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
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🥇 Congratulations to our Pride Interstate Challenge winners: Sting it to win it 🤽‍♂️
🥈Second place: Marco Polo 📢 BIG shout out to our supporters @eiss.super for an amazing BBQ and @waterpolonsw for providing referees during the event #eisscommunity #inclusiveness
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Sydney Stingers Women’s Water Polo
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
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Past events, like Sars illustrate Hong Kong’s ability to bounce back from crisis, say organisers.
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
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Out to Swim looks like they had a great time at #GLLAM19

The 31st Annual International Gay and Lesbian Aquatic Competition Comes To an End in Paris, France

Over 1,000 athletes came together in Paris, France to celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and to compete in the water.

Bountiful, UT, USA – September 20, 2018 – International LGBTQ+ Aquatics (IGLA) would like to thank the 1,000+ Swimmers, 500+ Water Polo Players, 200+ Open Water Swimmer, 30+ Divers and 80+ Artistic Swimmers that joined us in Paris, France to compete at the 31st annual International Gay and Lesbian Aquatic Competition which was hosted as part of Gay Games X.

“Hosting thousands of athletes from all corners of the globe is no easy task, and we are forever indebted to the entire organizing committee and to the hundreds of volunteers who came together to host a fantastic world class athletic competition,” said Liz Carlin, IGLA+ Co-President. “IGLA+ applauds the planning and organizing efforts that were undertaken by Paris Aquatique and Aquahomo.”

IGLA congratulates all athletes who traveled to Paris, jumped into the water and performed their personal best, over 100 IGLA+ records were broken as part of the swimming competition. Results for each aquatic event and IGLA records for swimming can be found in the links below.

IGLA is also pleased to announce that the results of the swimming competition are now certified by the French Swimming Federation. Results have also been accepted by Masters Swimming Canada, Israel Masters swimming, Dutch Masters Swimming, DSV Swimming (Germany) and United States Masters Swimming (USMS), just to name a few. The processing of the results for the USMS results database is in process and will be completed over the next several weeks. Follow our social channels to stay up to date.

IGLA is now focused on working closely with the hosts of the 32nd Annual IGLA Competition in New York, Team New York Aquatics (TNYA), from June 23 June 30th, 2019.

“As we turn the page and head into 2019, we are excited that the 32nd Annual IGLA Competition will be hosted in New York during the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and World Pride,” said Diego Suarez, IGLA+ Co-President. “The entire IGLA+ board is dedicated to working closely with TNYA to ensure another world class athletic competition.”

Information on the 2019 IGLA+ competition can be found in the link below:


Aquatic Event Results:

Swimming Results:

IGLA Swimming Records:

Water Polo:


Open Water:

Artistic (Synchronized):  Résultats Synchro GG

About IGLA+

International LGBTQ+ Aquatics is the world’s foremost international organization solely devoted to developing and promoting gay and lesbian swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming.

Our mission is to promote participation in aquatic sports among lesbians and gay men and friends of our community, and to ensure maintenance of the highest standards for aquatic competitions and international standards for all Gay Games and IGLA Championships.

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Liz Carlin, IGLA Co-President
Diego Suarez, IGLA Co-President

IGLA 2020 Announced: MELBOURNE!

CONGRATULATIONS to the outstanding bid from our 2020 IGLA World Championship winners, Melbourne!!  Find attached the bid packet for your review here

We look forward to returning to Australia and thank Team Melbourne for their hard work!

Wetnotes: June 2018

IGLA wetnotes June2018

2018 TNYA Swim Camp swimmers talk IGLA


The 20th annual TNYA Swim Camp was held from March 18 – 24 at the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Camp is a mix of swimmers looking to ramp up their training and to get into fitness shape for summer.


The Camp offers both long course and short course training over seven days in the Florida sunshine. The event has become popular with IGLA swimmers from across the world who enjoy getting in some coached training, socializing and beach time in a beautiful destination.


IGLA Wetnotes caught up with six of the over 40 swimmers who attended Camp this year.

Onesimo Demira
Grew Up: Zambia, Nigeria and Minnesota
Swims For: Team New York Aquatics
First IGLA: 1994 New York City

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: It gives a huge boost to my swim training. I also love seeing and meeting new and returning campers.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: I am looking forward to reuniting with previous participants and meeting new ones. I am competing in more than one sport which always makes it fun.

 Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: Minneapolis. The University of Minnesota has a great and convenient facility. Last summer I raced in Budapest, Hungary at the FINA Masters World Championships and that would be an amazing IGLA. Also, going to Singapore or South Africa would be a great experience.

Kevin Kirby

Grew Up: Portland, ME
Swims For: Team New York Aquatics
First IGLA: 2018 Paris will be my first IGLA

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: I wanted to ramp up for the upcoming swim meet season in New York. Swim camp helps accelerate your training before the spring and summer meets get going.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: Haha, I am aiming not to come in last place. Training for Paris has been a good proxy for getting in better shape in general.

Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: Ah, well Paris is my second favorite city in the world behind New York City, so it is a great city for IGLA. Hong Kong, which is already lined up for 2022, would be my second choice.


Brian Jacobson

Grew Up: Downey, CA
Swims For: Minnesota Ice
First IGLA: 2001 Toronto

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: After competing at the FINA Masters World Championships in Budapest, Hungary last August, I didn’t want to fall back into hard training. I only swam two days a week over the winter and focused on stroke and technique. I came to swim camp because the boys are cute, and I wanted to get a bump back into training. I have another swim camp in May.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: I am aging up this year and am hoping to break some world records. If it goes well in Paris, I will head to summer nationals in Orlando. Plus, I have been doing IGLAs for a long time and it is so much fun. The community is fabulous.

Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: I would love to compete in the Olympic pools in London, England or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jack Mackenroth

Grew Up: Seattle, WA
Swims For: Team New York Aquatics
First IGLA: 1990 Vancouver

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: I have been out of the pool for four years and I needed a jump start to get ready for Paris.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: I’d like to not have a heart attack in the pool. Actually, I would like to see if I can do some decent times. I was at IGLA Paris in 2000 and I want to return to the scene of all the shenanigans.

 Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: Cape Town, South Africa.


Kevin Majoros

Grew Up: Toledo, OH
Swims For: District of Columbia Aquatics Club
First IGLA: 1996 Washington, DC

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: I like getting the distance base that swim camp offers so I have something to come down from in my training. Plus, I love having seven days of living the life of a swimmer.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: I like the atmosphere of an international competition and look forward to seeing friends from all over the world. I am registered in multiple sports and plan on being exhausted by the end of it.

Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: I also competed at the FINA Masters World Championships in Budapest, Hungary along with Onesimo and Brian. I would love to go back there to compete again. Warren was there cheering us on! My second choice would be Rome, Italy.


Warren Perry

Grew Up: Kinston, NC
Swims For: Team New York Aquatics
First IGLA: 2017 Miami

Motivation for Attending Swim Camp: I am here for all of it – training, community, friends and warm weather.

Hopes and Goals for Paris IGLA: I’d like to medal in one event and make new friends from different parts of the world. I also plan on cheering on the other aquatics events.

 Fantasy City for an Upcoming IGLA: Melbourne, Australia.


Gay Games Paris

Since 1982, the Gay Games have brought together people from all over the world, with diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing.

With sport a common theme for inclusion, the Gay Games are open to all, young or old, athlete or artist, experienced or novice, gay or straight.

For athletes, artists, supporters, spectators, donors, volunteers, conference participants, sponsors, or simply anyone interested in this project, everyone has a role to play at the Gay Games and help to progress our society.

Over 8,000 participants have already signed up for the next Gay Games!

More than 80 countries will be represented, celebrating diversity around sport, culturalexchange, and plenty of fun!  Join us today by registering at

There are 36 sports, a number of cultural events, including choral, cheerleading and concerts, human rights conferences as well as the many festivities!

900 swimmers have already registered leaving only 300 spots remaining for swimming at the Georges Vallerey pool (some events are also filling up fast).  Only 225 spots remain for the open water swim taking place at Vaires-sur-Marne on Monday August 6, 2018. The water polo tournament is already full with 36 teams already committed in the competitive (Georges Vallerey pool) and recreational (Roger Le Gall pool) divisions.  Some teams are still looking for players to join.  25 divers and 65 synchro swimmers have already committed to the competition at the Maurice Thorez Aquatic Center.

The theme for this years’ Pink FlamingoTM on Friday August 10, 2018 is French Kiss!

For those already registered:

Double check to make sure your registration information is accurate and is the same as the proper name of your team that you are registered with your national governing body (i.e. Mike vs. Michael and the official name of your team).

Provide the registration details of your national governing body.

Make sure your contact information is current in the registration system.

Upload an acceptable photo, and provide your medical forms clearing you for participation.

Travel and accommodation support is provided by KTS France and MisterBnB.  Additional additional event tickets are available for purchase here.

The IGLA: International LGBTQ+ Aquatics Annual General Meeting will be held on August 5, 2018.  Further information will be distributed once details are confirmed.

See you in Paris!


Women’s/Diversity Committee 

The Women’s/Diversity Committee of International LGBTQ+ Aquatics is officially resurrected.

Our mission is to improve the visibility of Women at LGBTQ+ events and provide a platform for networking. The committee is invested in increasing the participation of women and building community by sharing information and promoting safe and welcoming spaces for women at LGBTQ+ events.  Currently, the committee is focused on Gay Games 10 in Paris.

To this end, we are hosting a women’s area at the pool, putting together an information network via facebook, and organizing an IGLA Women’s evening in Paris.

We invite you to participate and invite others.

Please visit our facebook page and join in for updates:

Committee Members:

  1. Liz Carlin, Committee Chair:
  2. Lisa Dahl :
  3. Connie George:
  4. Gj Lee :