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International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics

Timeline Photos@minnesotaiceswimclub Team Minnesota Ice here at @melbourne2020 @igla.1987 championships! #goice .
#gayswimteam #mniceswimclub #swimming #igla #melbourne2020 #queerswimming #lgbtq #mastersswimming #usms #minnesotamastersswimming #gay #swimmeet

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Membership in IGLA

Come on in, the water’s GREAT!

By joining IGLA, your team will receive voting privileges at the 2018 IGLA General Meeting that will be held in Paris, France in conjunction with the 2018 IGLA Championships hosted as part of the Tenth Gay Games, up-to-date IGLA membership directories, and IGLA information via the Internet or e-mail.

If your team has a website, we will also include a link to it from the IGLA website.  We want to connect with your team via Facebook and Twitter, and will cross-promote our member’s events.

Depending on the size of your team, up to four (4) representative names can be added to receive IGLA information. We strongly encourage you to submit email aliases (i.e. as opposed to individuals’ email addresses. Your actual IGLA delegates may change between the time you submit your registration and the actual meeting.

Registration is managed through our partner Club Assistant:

Note about Membership Dues

Clubs may join according to their actual team size as specified in the table below or may opt to register as a smaller team with fewer organizational votes. The IGLA Board strongly encourages your team to register for a team size that corresponds with your actual team size.

Team Size
Representative Votes
Annual Dues
Individual Membership 0 USD $15.00
Small (1-5) 1 USD $30.00
Medium (6-24) 2 USD $ 60.00
Large (25-49) 3 USD $ 125.00
Very Large (50 or More) 4 USD $ 250.00

We also encourage teams to register each discipline: swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. You will get extra votes and more recognition for each team.  New for 2018:  Teams supporting multiple disciplines can now register through a single registration.

Teams may join IGLA at any time during the year. IGLA’s fiscal year coincides with the calendar year, but dues are not prorated through the year.