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  This is the main e-mail list for members and friends of IGLA and provides notifications for swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming events and IGLA member team activities.  Subscribe to the IGLA List.
IGLA Team List
This is the e-mail list for leaders of International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) member teams. This forum is meant to be a place to discuss team cultivation and competition, and to post information for teams’ information. This is not the IGLA list.  Subscribe to the IGLA Teams List.
IGLA Swimming List
This the swimming competition-specific email list. This is not the IGLA list.  Subscribe to the IGLA Swimming List.

IGLA Committees & Task Forces

Another way to get involved is to join one of IGLA’s Committees or Task Forces. Our committees are a critical part of our day-to-day operations. Most importantly, the committees depend on your input.

To join a committee, e-mail the chair or co-chairs. This list reflects the Committee Chairs appointed in July 2011.

Championship Rules Committee
Proposes rules for swimming, polo, diving and synchronized swimming that govern IGLA championships and Gay Games competitions.  Join the Championship Rule Committee
Erik Scollon
Long Beach Grunions – Long Beach, CA, USA
Policies & Procedures Committee
Responsible for proposing policy changes for internal IGLA operations.  Join the Policies & Procedures Committee
Bernie LaFanzia
West Hollywood Aquatics – West Hollywood, CA, USA
Strategic Planning Committee
Responsible for developing ideas and plans to further IGLA’s mission to promote participation in aquatic sports among lesbians and gay men and friends of our community.  Join the Strategic Planning Committee
Christopher Politan
Team New York Aquatics – New York, NY, USA
Water Polo Committee
Advises IGLA on Water Polo issues.  Join the Water Polo Committee
Todd Aghazadeh
West Hollywood Aquatics – West Hollywood, CA, USA
Women’s Development Committee
Advises member teams on recruiting and retaining women; advises IGLA board on issues of importance to women swimmers, polo players, and divers.  Join the Women’s Development Committee
Hafdís Erla
St. Styrmir – Reykjavick,Iceland
Diving Task Force
Advises IGLA on Diving issues.  Join the Diving Task Force
Luis Bahamon
West Hollywood Aquatics – West Hollywood, CA, USA
Synchro Task Force
Advises IGLA on Synchronized Swimming issues.  Join the Synchro Task Force
Christian Bordeleau
Paris Aquatique – Paris, France