International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
Openly gay, black swimmer Michael Gunning believes the prejudice he faced growing up inspired him to work harder for success.
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
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The Minnesota Ice Swim Club wishing you happy Thanksgiving 🦃🌈

IGLA Championships – Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship applications are open now and will be considered on a rolling basis so that travel arrangements can be made if awarded a scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Final date for submission is 6 December 2019.

Any information in this application will remain confidential to the IGLA Board Members who will consider the applications. The information sought is for demographic purposes and to enable the board to consider the merits of the scholarship application.

Please note half of the scholarship funding will be provided immediately on award of the scholarship prior to the Melbourne 2020 IGLA Championships. The remainder will be provided upon active participation in the IGLA Championships.

Scholarship Application
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