Great photos of the Women’s Waterpolo Final at Melbourne2020 IGLA Championships from Sydney Stingers Water Polo🌈🤽‍♀️ Last month’s IGLA Melbourne 2020 was the first ever IGLA or Gay Games tournament to feature a dedicated women’s water polo competition. Our Sydney Stingers women joined players from cities including Atlanta, Brisbane, London, Melbourne, Paris, Perth, San Francisco, and Toronto to showcase the incredible sporting talent of LGBTIQ and allied women in our communities. Sydney Stingers along with IGLA are working towards even greater women’s representation at future tournaments!

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #PrideinSport #Waterpolo #EISSCommunity

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IGLA 2016 – Edmonton


The IGLA Edmonton Swimming Championship 2016

August 9-13 | Edmonton, AB Canada

Swimming 246 participants
Water Polo 136 Players / 11 Teams
Synchronized Swimming 12 participants
Diving 9 participants
Open Water 58 participants
Number of Records Broken (88)
Swimming Champions
West Hollywood Aquatics (Large)
District of Columbia Aquatics (Medium)
Uganda Kuchus Aquatic Team (Small)
Water Polo Champions
Competitive Division Toronto Triggerfish (Gold)
Edmonton Masters (Silver)
Atlanta Rainbow Trout (Bronze)
Recreation Division Toronto Triggerfish (Gold)
Washington Wetskins (Silver)
Edmonton Making Waves(Bronze)
Open Water Champions
4K Male Lucas Fisher (Canada)
4K Female Nele Vanbuel-Goffin (Belgium)
1K Male Laurence Fry (San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics, USA)
1K Female Beth Alexakos (Seattle Orca, USA)
Rick Meier-Windes Memorial
Distance Swimming Award
Patricia F. Powers, Long Beach Grunions
Andrew Cunningham, San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics
Pink Flamingo San Francisco Tsunami Aquatics

Participant Survey

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