Great photos of the Women’s Waterpolo Final at Melbourne2020 IGLA Championships from Sydney Stingers Water Polo🌈🤽‍♀️ Last month’s IGLA Melbourne 2020 was the first ever IGLA or Gay Games tournament to feature a dedicated women’s water polo competition. Our Sydney Stingers women joined players from cities including Atlanta, Brisbane, London, Melbourne, Paris, Perth, San Francisco, and Toronto to showcase the incredible sporting talent of LGBTIQ and allied women in our communities. Sydney Stingers along with IGLA are working towards even greater women’s representation at future tournaments!

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IGLA 2017: Miami Swimming Follow-Up

IGLA Members recently learned the swimming times from the IGLA Championships in Miami will not count toward USMS Top Ten consideration due to the inadvertent misplacement of the bulkhead during the competition.  This is an unfortunate end-note to an otherwise successful IGLA Championships, which we held despite the debacle that was Outgames Miami.  The IGLA Board would like to thank the Miami Nadadores Swim Team of South Florida and the newly formed Miami Vice Water Polo Team for the countless hours of hard work that they volunteered.

As many of you may know, the IGLA membership awarded the IGLA 2017 Championships to the Outgames at its 2015 Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.  By the summer of 2016, the IGLA Board became increasingly concerned with the Outgames’ ability to run a successful IGLA Championships.  After the aquatics coordinator for the Outgames quit the organization, the Nadadores graciously stepped up to organize the IGLA Championships on short notice.  The Nadadores and the IGLA Board worked diligently in the months leading up to the event to ensure that the IGLA Championships would take place and were financially protected.  This included securing advanced payment from Outgames for all aquatics facilities, finding coordinators and volunteers for the competitions, and organizing IGLA social events such as the IGLA banquet.

On the eve of the event, the Outgames cancelled its planned opening and closing ceremonies and all sporting  events with the exception of aquatics, soccer, and country line dance.  An audit later revealed the mismanagement of the event by Outgames organizers.  Aquatics was the only sporting event at the Outgames that did not suffer significant hardship due to the mismanagement of the event—thanks to the Nadadores with help from the IGLA board.  For example, even though their event took place, the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs had to pay $45,000 at the last minute.

The IGLA Board continues to work closely with Paris Aquatique to ensure the integrity of Gay Games 10.  We are committed to working with future IGLA Championship host teams, building on lessons learned from Miami (and past IGLA events) to avoid a repeat of challenges experienced.  We are confident about the future of IGLA.  Thank you everyone who continues to support the IGLA Championships.

We can’t wait to see you all in Paris next year!

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