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International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics

Timeline Photos@minnesotaiceswimclub Team Minnesota Ice here at @melbourne2020 @igla.1987 championships! #goice .
#gayswimteam #mniceswimclub #swimming #igla #melbourne2020 #queerswimming #lgbtq #mastersswimming #usms #minnesotamastersswimming #gay #swimmeet

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IGLA Committees

IGLA’s Committees are a critical part of our day-to-day operations. See below for a description of each group’s jobs and how to get in touch with the chair or co-chair. Most importantly, the committees depend on your input. To join a committee, contact the committee using the links below.

Championship Rules Committee

Proposes rules for swimming, polo, diving and synchronized swimming that govern IGLA championships and Gay Games competitions. Contact.

Policies & Procedures Committee

Responsible for proposing policy changes for internal IGLA operations. Contact.

Strategic Planning Committee

Responsible for developing ideas and plans to further IGLA’s mission to promote participation in aquatic sports among lesbians and gay men and friends of our community. Contact.

Team Development Committee

Advises member teams on club/team management, program development, recruiting, fundraising, hosting competitions, coaching and other issues related to team/club governance.Contact.

Women’s Development Committee

Advises member teams on recruiting and retaining women; advises IGLA board on issues of importance to women swimmers, polo players, and divers. Contact.