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San Francisco/Hong Kong, 11th November 2019

130+ delegates, Honorary Life Members (HLMs), and observers of the international Federation of Gay Games (FGG) from 23 countries recently participated in the Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Guadalajara, Mexico from October 31 - November 2, 2019. The AGA was a great success!

The Hong Kong Team delivered two sessions to update members on the current state of planning for Gay Games 11. One presentation on the current situation in Hong Kong and the other outlining the progress of the Hong Kong team for the 2022 Gay Games.

While we fully recognize the troubles in Hong Kong continue, the FGG Board and the attending members are leaving Mexico committed to the Gay Games in Hong Kong which will be a spectacular sports and cultural event that will kickstart and foster LGBTQ+ connections among our communities in the city and region.

This will be the largest LGBTQ+ sports and cultural event ever held in Asia. 12,000 participants, 36 sports, and 20+ cultural events will take place over 9 days in November, 2022.

“Hong Kong is an opportunity to make a positive political statement by doing something that is fun and non-threatening and which can change peoples’ perspectives of what it means to be LGBTQ+,” said Gene Dermody, a participant in all ten previous Gay Games.

We believe in the power of unity that comes from diversity. The Gay Games 11 tagline, Unity in Diversity, is an extremely relevant message not just for the Gay Games but for Hong Kong at this difficult time.

For more information please reach out to:
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
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Who else is excited for the Melbourne2020 IGLA Championships?
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
Long Beach Grunions
The Grunions had a great awards brunch and are jazzed to be going to the Melbourne2020 IGLA Championships in February. We can’t wait to hang out with the Glamourheads down under! Join us in Melbourne for the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics Tournament. 📸 By Cory Lindabury!
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics
Our board members Sagi Krispin and Shea manning are in the Gay Games AGA where they met the amazing guys of the Mermaidsmex, a LGBT+ swimming club from Mexico City.
We are excited to interact with LGBT+ aquatics team from all over the world and welcome them to our community!

Downtown Swim Club – All OUT Swim 2013

By Downtown Swim Club

Dowtown Swim ClubDowntown Swim Club (“DSC”) is hosting All OUT Swim 2013 on April 20, 2013!  DSC just marked it 25th Anniversary last year.

The Downtown Swim Club is a Toronto Masters swim club founded in 1987 and registered with Masters Swimming Ontario and International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA). Through IGLA, Downtown Swim Club is associated with the Federation of Gay Games (FGG). Downtown Swim Club is also a member of GLISA, the sanctioning body for the Outgames.

The seed of the idea that was to become the Downtown Swim Club was planted when Gerry Oxford and Bill Eadie participated in the Gay Games in San Francisco in August 1986. There we met swimmers from organized Gay Masters clubs on the west coast. Why not a gay Masters swim club in Toronto, we said? At the same time, Gerry’s friend Brian Pronger expressed interest in starting a running group. So we placed an ad in XTRA (Toronto’s gay newspaper) to determine interest in gay swim and running groups. The meeting attracted 80 – 100 persons to a tiny 3rd floor meeting room at 519 Church; 80% of the attendees claimed to be interested in swimming. Most, it turns out, thought we meant a bit of dog paddle with martinis on the pool deck, so those persons didn’t make it to even the first workout. The running club was initially called Running Wilde, and is now FrontRunners. So Toronto’s lesbian/gay swim and running clubs are both exactly the same age.

As a result of this encouraging first meeting, the following Tuesday – February 10, 1987 – about 20 of us simply showed up at Jimmie Simpson Pool, and the Downtown Swim Club (DSC) had its first workout during adult length swim. To restore some order to the adult length swim program, the pool manager quickly approved separate pool times for our club. For several years, DSC practiced late on Wednesdays – from 9:45 to 11pm – until we finally negotiated an earlier time. Initially, the club was so popular that we actually had a waiting list for new members, and had to limit practices to a maximum of 35 swimmers. However, there were also times during the first several years when practices were poorly attended; Gerry Oxford recalls remember coaching as few as 6 people occasionally.

In July 2001, DSC hosted the 12th IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics) competitions. Two years of planning by club members produced the biggest IGLA ever with over 900 participants – including 23 divers and 10 water polo teams. New swim records included five individual Canadian records and 114 IGLA records. Members of DSC set new Ontario times for five individual events and two relays. Social highlights of the four-day weekend were a reception at City Hall, a boat cruise on Lake Ontario, dozens of hosted dinners, and an awards banquet and dance at historic Fort York.

IGLA 2001 ended up being a huge catalyst for club growth. The swim club membership grew, seeing increased practice times (from 3 to 5 times per week), an increasingly professional coaching team, and swimming at larger venues (namely, the beautiful University of Toronto pool).  Just as exciting was the emergence of our water polo team, the Toronto Triggerfish.

Join Downtown Swim Club for All OUT Swim 2013!

All OUT Swim 2013 is 50m LCM meet with Electronic timing in the fantastic Varsity Center pool at the University of Toronto. All are invited to join the Downtown Swim Club and hundreds more swimmers at this fun and friendly BIG Gay Swim Meet!

Come OUT and set a record.

Online and mail in registration is now open:

Early Registration discounts until March 4th
Discounts for teams of 8 or more until April 10th




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